Islamic Finder Athan Download

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Islamic Finder Athan Download

This program can even show the direction of the Qiblah, calculate and display the prayer times for over six million cities, towns and villages from all over the world.

As we all already know, Muslim prayer rely on accurate knowledge of the time and the geographic location, in relation to Mecca as well as to the Sun.

The incorporated Help file nicely explains its functions and gives some clues on how to use it.

A few quick examples are Muslim World League, Egyptian General Authority of Survey, University of Islamic Science, to name a few.

Athan (Azan) Basic s main interface is simplistic and straight forward, comprising the current time and date, the location, the next 6 prayer time and the calculation method.

It is specifically designed for Muslims to remind them of the prayer time wherever they are in the world.

Some of these include, Quranic search and commentary, photo galleries, and source code.

As far as the calculation methods are concerned, there are several options to choose from.

To conclude, Athan (Azan) Basic is a useful utility that helps Muslims achieve prayer discipline by automatically playing Athan at exact times of the day no matter their location.

The application can be used by people from all over the world, as it provides multilingual support.

Athan (Azan) Basic Download Athan (Azan) Basic is an easy to use Islam's daily call to prayer.

And then, Athan (Azan) Basic sets automatic calls to prayer at the accurate time of day, five times a day.

The application comes in handy with additional tools including a complete list of monthly prayer times, the Hijri-Gregorian date converter, the special Islamic days viewer and more.

You can easily switch to more compact view, which displays only the next prayer times.

Furthermore, Athan (Azan) Basic offers extra tools which can be downloaded and optional Web services.

Islamic Finder Athan Download

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